Hello out there my imaginary friends.

Its been a really long time since I've blogged, let alone knit.  A little over 6 months ago I gave up blogging, I stopped knitting and was in a slump.
Every post on here, I deleted. I needed a fresh start, a new out look on things, new inspiration.

Slowly I am starting to find joy in knitting and finding myself missing this space to put my thoughts and share my ideas, projects and new things I am learning.

So I am back! Hopefully for good this time. I can't guarantee I'll blog often, but when I do I will try to make it worth a read!

What have I been up to this past year?

I've done a lot of baking.

Probably a little more than I should have been!

I started gardening again too!

I also started painting. Something my daughter loves doing so it has become something we do together. 

This past year has been a journey in learning more about who I am and what I need to make me feel full and happy. Other than good food, I have discovered I needed a little bit of everything. Which is a good thing!

I hope you all will enjoy what I share in the future and I am really happy to be back!

Keep Stitching!