My Favorite Things Christmas Countdown!!! - November *Sewing!*

We all know the Christmas countdown is on. Especially if you're like me and like to hand make as many gifts as you possibly can.

I found some lovely sewn gift ideas on Pinterest for all the seamstresses out there!

Click the images below to see more details!

Pin now to remember it for Christmas. Mommy Sanity Saver, Perfect gift for Christmas or birthday for a toddler or preschooler.  Each car has a pocket, the road is fully stitched down to withstand whatever your little one can throw at it.  Pin to remember for gift giving time.  Available from Handmade Happiness by Ruth.  Organic Cotton Toy, Eco Friendly toy, Car Play Mat, Car Playscape, Car Playmat, Car Carrier:

microwaveable heat packs to make for Christmas gifts - these are simple to sew and are invaluable at our house. One Christmas, this was all my kids wanted for their gift.:

Make an Insulated Double Oven Mitt with this Easy & Free Sewing Tutorial! Such a perfect Christmas gift!!:

DIY: Sew a kid’s beanbag chair in 30 minutes!-- my kids love this style of bean bag!:

Diddy bag for storing small things in the car as you travel - free project:

DIY : Sew Slipper | DIY & Crafts Tutorials:

Learn how to sew wallets.  3 patterns included and the video tutorials show you every step of the way. Lots of great sewing tips to get the best results.:

Keep Stitching!