It has been awhile! - Update!

I have been MIA the last, well, forever, because life has been craaazy town over here.

This last year we moved, twice. We now have settled into our new house, which is beautiful and I am in love.

We also adopted a dog, Goldie, whom is the best foot warmer ever. Seriously. I can't wait to adventure into all the animal crafty things that I have been missing out on. We have the two cats, but they seem indifferent about anything I make.

Halloween is right around the corner, as you can imagine, kiddo is very very excited! She wrote a spooky zombie song at her piano lessons which I has been on repeat whenever she gets the chance to practice.

My Christmas knitting and crafting is in full swing. I have two sweaters done so far and some yarn on the way from Knit Picks. I'll do an unboxing video maybe when that arrives!

There hasn't been a ton of crafting going on around here since last year. This winter I am hoping to do more and reopen my etsy shop once I have some more stock!

I did finish this blanket for my niece who arrived about 4 months ago.

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The pattern is Cuddle Me. The pattern itself looks complicated but once you get going its pretty easy to remember the repeats. This blanket took a lot longer than I had wanted to take but its done now and keeping little toes and hands warm.

I promise to do a better job at keeping up with this space. I have been blogging for so long you'd think it would be a habit by now!

Until next time,

Keep Stitching!