Something that my Dad told me a lot growing up was to become friends with failure. Even my Mom would video tape my training sessions so I could watch them later to see what I was feeling or doing while riding my horse.

You never become an expert at anything unless you fail. Failure is not the end. It is an opportunity to improve on things and try again. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not about to write some toxic positive post telling you all the good in the world that will counter act the failure you experienced. Everything in that moment you're feeling is valid and it should be honored.

Last week I decided I wanted to dye some soft alpaca yarn I had bought last year. The perfect amount for some cute baby items for the upcoming arrival of a new nephew. I watched the videos on the best camo dying techniques, bought the dye colors I wanted and got to work.

I failed. I cried. I was so frustrated and angry. I did everything right. I followed the instructions. I still failed. So I let the yarn dry and waited to not be so upset about it anymore and decided to try again. This time I let the dye sit longer and made sure the water was hot, had enough acid, etc.

I failed again. 

This time my yarn felted a bit. I feel the ultimate defeat. I can't dye it a 3rd time, it could completely ruin the integrity of the yarn.

Even though I failed. I learned something. It sucked to fail. I'm still sad and angry that I wasted yarn, time and money. 

I learned something new. 

I finally learned how to fail.

And it felt good. 

So the next time something goes sideways and the failure train comes rolling down the tracks. Sit in it. Let the failure happen. Feel those feelings. Take what you want from it. Try again.

Never stop trying again. 

Until next time,

Keep Stitching!

Rachel xox