Oh boy lots has happened since my last update. To be honest I had completely forgotten I even had a blog to share things on because I have been just so busy.

So, lets start with the least new and least interesting and work our way up. 

Christmas was awesome!! Hubby did good and got me the most adorable cat stitch markers from FireFly Notes on Etsy, they are perfect for chunky knitting and who doesn’t like cat ears?

Other things that happened was I knitted the My Beginner Raglan sweater by Knitatude, which is so comfy and cozy during the colder days!

I also started some pattern tests for AbbyeKnits and Payneless Ideas but Christmas knitting and special orders got put infront so I am still working through them as well.

I did a couple of larger shop updates that you can see here. It was fun getting a lot of these done. I am finishing up my selfish knits this week, fingers crossed, but the goal is to finish them as soon as possible so I can start working on other things.

I have some hat and mitten patterns ready for testing (so if you’re interested please let me know) and I have a collaboration planning for launch with Kelly from Spindle and Co for this February!

Anyway, this was your quick update, here’s do a brand new year and although I am 16 days into things, I am hoping all of you are having a wonderful start to it!

Keep Stitching!