February was the COLDEST! I spent pretty much the entire month working on a sweater for my daughter and a pair of socks for myself. Which I just finished this past weekend (I swear I will blog about it soon!)

I usually spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Pinterest looking for inspiration and patterns.

So here are a few things this past month that inspired some of my projects for this month (March) that I have really been enjoying. 🙂

Вязаные спицами варежки Sydänmaa. Схемы и описание на русском - Модели спицами для нас красивых - Мамины ручки
This pattern is knitted using mosaic colorwork and can resize easily.
photo inspiration!  Uses the Modicum Mitts pattern as inspiration.  A Great way to use up odds and ends of sock yarn. Use a basic sock pattern (free in the shop!) and stripe away.  Love the grey cuff and toes

I may or may not have cast on one of these this week!!

Until next time!

Keep Stitching!