So I might be a little bit late to the game here. Knit Picks has had crochet hooks for awhile now and I just got around to purchasing some.

This spring I have taken on the task to crochet a 8-bit Mario blanket that requires 361 granny squares. SO I figured I would invest in some of the hooks with a rubber handle to help keep the hand pain down.

I first want to say that this is NOT a paid review or advertisement. I purchased these on my own, with my own money (along with far too much yarn!).

These are my thoughts.

I purchased the kit that comes with the hooks and case. When I first opened it, I LOVED how soft the case was. The case that I got with my interchangeables set was a stiff plastic and not everything fit.

This case is butter soft and the zipper and liner were a for sure improvement in my books.

Now, the only thing so far about this that I didn’t like was that the rubber on the hook handles didn’t slide well into the pockets for them. Even going hook first in there, it was a challenge. I opted to put them in the zippered pocket and put my interchangeable needles in the pouches instead.

On to function. They were no different than any other metal crochet hook I have used. The biggest difference and improvement on what I was using previously was that my hands didn’t get sore and tired as fast as they normally do. I usually end up with pain in my wrist and fingers (especially my thumb). 

Over all I really like them and other than the inability to slide into the case pouches easily I don’t see any cons with these hooks or the case. It serves multiple purposes for my craft needs!

So that was my brief and unbaised thoughts on the Knit Picks crochet hooks!

Until next time, 

Keep Stitching!