I left the blog unattended again! 

It has been a crazy few months around here! If you have been following me you will be mostly up to date! 

I hope to post regularly again now that things are a bit calmer around here. 

Here are some fun updates!

The entire Etsy shop is 25% off until Mothers Day! So hop over there and take advantage of this awesome sale while it lasts!

I have 5 new colorways of yarn on our worsted weight superwash yarn! My daughter came up with their names so I hope you enjoy!

In the next shop update there will also be some new cute project bag prints! I have been stock piling cute fabric, so I can’t wait to share them with you!

In other news, I received my first box of the Mercantile Block of the Month quilt and I CAN’T wait to have a finished quilt in my hands!

After I finish the one I started last month, which is almost done! Its so pretty and will be all mine! The last quilt I made was for my daughter and the next two are gifts for my husband and the other is for his friends getting married soon!

There will be lots of fun and new things happening this summer, I am really looking forward to posting more frequently, I miss sharing my monthly favorite things. I should start doing that again!

As always, 

Keep Stitching!