I could totally go on and on about how I came up with this pattern or how I figured it out, but I won’t. So lets just jump right in my friends!

The things you’ll need for this particular pattern are:
Scrap fabric (a fat quarter is plenty)
3/4-1cm braided elastic
Pins or Wonderclips
2 Safety Pins
Sewing Machine or Handsewing Needle

Cut your fabric to 21 inches long and 4 inches high. The more narrow your fabric the less scrunch it will have. I would not cut your fabric any smaller than 21 inches long.

Fold the fabric so the right sides are together and sew a long the cut edge starting 1.5 inches from the end and finishing approx 1.5 inches from the other end. The larger the distance you start from the end, the larger the hole for closing up when you’re finished.

You now have a tube that needs to be turned right side out. I use the end of a large paint brush to help push it through.

Now that everything is right sides out. Take either ends of the tube and place them right sides together as shown being careful to not twist the tube as you’re doing so.

Sew these two ends together.

Now that you have a completed tube with a hole, cut your braided elastic approx 9 inches long. Take both your safety pins and attach one at both ends.

One will go through the tube, and the other will be attached at the opening to prevent it from slipping through.

The options now that the elastic is all the way through is to either tie it into a knot as such. OR. Sew it together with a zig-zag stitch. Because this is beginner friendly, I suggest you knot it together.

Next, you’ll want to close everything up nice and neat. You can use an iron to press the edges inside and pin it or you can finger press. Either way, you’ll sew along the edge of the opening to close it up.

There you have it! A whole scrunchie made of your very own!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and keep an eye out for a video tutorial soon!

Until next time,

Keep Stitching!