...and we are back!


I was worried for a little while there that my blog was gone forever! I had some server/tech trouble for a few days but now its back up and running like a well oiled machine.

Speaking of machines, my sewing machine has been collecting dust and hasn't been used a lot lately but after seeing these mini tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Company on Youtube I might have to make a trip to the fabric store to make some of these amazing quilt tops!

I really like the Easy Pinwheel Block. Something about it reminds me of my Grandparents quilts and cozy evenings by the fire!

What is your favorite quilting block? Or if you don't have a favorite block what style of quilting do you like best?

Tell me in the comments section below!

Happy Stitching!


Sewing for a New Baby!

I am so excited to be creating a pin-board (link here if you'd like to take a look!)  for some sewing projects for a friends baby that is not due to arrive for at least 3 more months! There isn't much there yet but I am going to be adding a lot more over the next week or two so I can start planning!

She is having her first girl which means I get to make some fun bright and colour girl themed items and I can't wait till she arrives!!

Another friend of mine is due to have her little girl ANY minute now, and if she is reading this, love you, you're going to do great and tell baby A she needs come out soon!

For baby A I made a baby sized blanket. The pattern is Loopy Love by Moogly. I chose the same colors in the example in the pattern which turned out SO soft, cozy and incredibly beautiful. I wish I had time to make a large one for myself! Maybe one day!

Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!

I loved this pattern, it was so easy and because it is repetitive so it was easy to remember!  I was able to take this with me to the library, on the bus or the park.

Anyway! Check out the pin-board and Moogly's Loopy Love pattern and until next time;

Keep Stitching!



Hello out there my imaginary friends.

Its been a really long time since I've blogged, let alone knit.  A little over 6 months ago I gave up blogging, I stopped knitting and was in a slump.
Every post on here, I deleted. I needed a fresh start, a new out look on things, new inspiration.

Slowly I am starting to find joy in knitting and finding myself missing this space to put my thoughts and share my ideas, projects and new things I am learning.

So I am back! Hopefully for good this time. I can't guarantee I'll blog often, but when I do I will try to make it worth a read!

What have I been up to this past year?

I've done a lot of baking.

Probably a little more than I should have been!

I started gardening again too!

I also started painting. Something my daughter loves doing so it has become something we do together. 

This past year has been a journey in learning more about who I am and what I need to make me feel full and happy. Other than good food, I have discovered I needed a little bit of everything. Which is a good thing!

I hope you all will enjoy what I share in the future and I am really happy to be back!

Keep Stitching!