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I know you all have some favorite things you find on Pinterest. It is so addicting, I find myself late at night scrolling through idea after idea and imagining all the fun projects and activities we can do!

Lately I have been a bit all over the place. Between painting wood signs to knitting baby blankets my idea boards have been filling up. I could blame the approaching holiday season but I think I just have a case of DIY-ADD; and thats okay.

Here is a list of things that I LOVE that I am hoping to get to do this month!

Ravelry: N:o 89, Rovaniemi pattern by Eeva Haavisto:

These mittens, aren't they beautiful!! The pattern is by Eeva Haavisto, who seriously has some of the most amazing mitten patterns I have ever seen!

Knit this bear-y cute cardigan by The Velvet Acorn for your little one! Bladyn Bear Sweater pattern by Heidi May, made with Lion Brand Hometown USA and sizes 13 & 15 knitting needles. Find the pattern on Ravelry.:

Now how cute is this. My first reaction is "AWWW", which was my daughters reaction too, so this is officially on my list of things to knit her for Christmas. Pattern is by Heidi May

Easy!  Felt diapers for baby dolls, teddy bears etc.  Cute and dirt cheap to make!:

Okay, so this isn't a part of my usual line of things I LOVE but, I do love these. They are simple, fast to make and super cute!! If you have a little one in the house that likes to put diapers on their stuffed animals or dolls, this is the right project for you! I plan to whip up a few of these over quiet time! Jess over at Happy Together has lots of fun little projects and tutorials you can browse through!

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art 휴지롤로 소품만들기 DIY:

Okay, so I saw this a while ago and decided I NEEDED to make it. I have been collected paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls for the last month and I already started making some flowers. I have been working on decorating R's newly painted room but haven't gotten around to finishing this.

Homemade Christmas cards by Shar4Hoos. Finally a great idea for all my loose buttons! :-):

I know, I KNOW. Christmas? But WHY!!! Because my friends, its creeping up really fast and I LOVE hand making cards! I also LOVE this idea for a home made card. There isn't an actual pattern or tutorial for these cards, however you can contact the person who did make them over at Rational Designs . I am excited to take some inspiration and use some old buttons up to make something that our friends and family will cherish!

That is all for this month! What are your favorite things lately? Share down in the comments and don't forget to link them, I love seeing what you are inspired to make!

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Yarn Review - Caron Cakes

I was so excited when I arrived at our local Michael's last week to see they had gotten a shipment of the new Caron Cakes in stock.

For those of you that following on social media, they have been releasing new yarns this year in celebration of  100 years of yarn! I was SO excited to see the Cakes line because, 1. Who doesn't like cake? and 2. The colors are just beautiful!

I grabbed a ball of  Funfetti and started a small granny square blanket. I was surprised of how soft the yarn was, it was cushy and cozy to work with.  I was even able to crochet and watch my daughter play in the sandbox.

I realized fast that I was going to either need more yarn OR I could let this be a small carseat blanket for a baby. So I decided to leave it at one ball of yarn and a cozy small blanket for a baby that is due to arrive any day.

What I enjoyed the most about it was how bright and fun the colors were as well crisp and easy transitions between the colors. Although sometimes the transitions were in the middle of a row, when you look at the blanket you can hardly tell that is the case.

All in all. If you have not had the chance to try out the new Caron Cakes yarn please do! Its totally worth a trip to the craft store!!

Check below for some project ideas for this yarn!

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Gemstone Lace Triangular Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern on The Lavender Chair
Gemstone Shawl by The Lavender Chair

Ring Around the Rosie Vest by Doriana Rivelli
Ring Round the Rosie by The Lavender Chair

Granny Stitch Triange Scarf by String with Style

Open- Air Market Scarf by Left in Knots

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I was worried for a little while there that my blog was gone forever! I had some server/tech trouble for a few days but now its back up and running like a well oiled machine.

Speaking of machines, my sewing machine has been collecting dust and hasn't been used a lot lately but after seeing these mini tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Company on Youtube I might have to make a trip to the fabric store to make some of these amazing quilt tops!

I really like the Easy Pinwheel Block. Something about it reminds me of my Grandparents quilts and cozy evenings by the fire!

What is your favorite quilting block? Or if you don't have a favorite block what style of quilting do you like best?

Tell me in the comments section below!

Happy Stitching!