DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You know its that time of year and you've been procrastinating! Now you have a week to find a costume for that party or your kiddo has come up with a ridiculous request that everyone is doing and so the store is sold out!

Now you're looking around the house and craft store for ideas!! Here are some fun DIY Halloween costumes! Just click the links to see more!

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So I found this one while searching for a Halloween costume for my Husband. He is pretty excited to wear it because it appeals to his nerdy side as well as the side that dislike dressing up!

Where's Waldo

I love this costume. It looks like it would be really easy to put together. But if you can't find a red/white striped shirt you could get some red duct tape and use that instead to make stripes! 

DIY Costumes For Men | POPSUGAR Smart Living:

This costume combo made me giggle. I grew up watching Fresh Prince and so this would be a great idea for you and a friend to go to the thrift store and put this together!!

how to make halloween skeleton costume instructions:

This is a really neat idea for a costume. If you have a spare black tshirt and leggings hanging around, paint some bones on it and, voila! A skeleton costume!!

zombie costumes ideas for kids - Google Search                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

This one works for kids of all ages!! Old clothing laying around? Get it dirty, grab some red markers and draw on some blood and you've got yourself a fun and easy zombie costume!

These costumes are faster than the lineup at the party store and easier than one of those fancy pumpkin-carving stencils.:

I thought this one was super cute as well. It also can be modified for kids of all ages! Who didn't dream of becoming a robot when they were kids?!?! I know I did!!

I hope some of these got your creative juices going! I can't wait to see all the costumes on Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays!

Until next time!

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