Yarn Review - Knit Picks Wonderfluff!

Ever since I got my new fall coat I have been on the hunt for a hat and mittens to wear with it. Since I have not had any luck I decided to make my own (I always end up doing this ;) )

I came across the new Knit Picks Wonderfluff yarn and I swear I could feel its softness through my computer!

Personally, I have always loved Knit Picks yarn, they seem to be high quality and easy on the bank account. Plus their customer service is amazing! A while ago one of my interchangeable needles broke and they sent me a new one without any fuss. That may not be a big deal to some, but when you're part way through a project it is a big deal!

Anyway, I ordered the Finnley Heather and waited patiently for my fluff mail to arrive.

It did in a super timely fashion, barely a week and it was at my door. So I could now get to work!!

This stuff is as soft as it looks. Maybe softer! It is also warmer then you'd expect because of how light and fluffy it is!

I decided to just make a basic hat and mittens. Nothing fancy because although I am very sure this yarn would show a pattern well I just didn't feel up for it this time around.

The yarn itself was wonderful to knit with. I was surprised it wasn't splitty or shed at all. I have had experiences with fluffier yarns like this and they were always a nightmare and left me looking like I had fought with a wild animal!

As you can see the stitches are surprisingly well defined too. We'll see how well they hold up after wearing it all winter but I am feeling very confident in it because it is a blend of Alpaca, Merino and Nylon. So its got a nice combo to keep it warm and strong!

It also felt good to knit with a yarn that didn't make my hands sweat. Sometimes when I knit with any kind of wool my hands get too warm. This stuff was warm but not too warm so it knit up fast and easy!

Here is my finished hat! I am not ready for winter! Well, err, sort of. I still have a pair of mittens to make but I will be finishing up those this weekend!

This yarn definitely exceeded my expectations and I really hope they come out with more colours because I can see myself knitting up some more hats and mitts with this yarn!

Until next time my friends!

Keep Stitching!


*This post was not sponsored by Knit Picks and these opinions are of my own*