Suffolk Hat & Mittens

I started off knitting this hat thinking the brim was far too long and they were crazy!

6 inches of 1x2 ribbing later and I was proven wrong! This hat is the right amount of squish, warmth and cozy! If you like a snug fitting hat that won't fall off (unless you have an egg head like me!) This hat is perfect for you. 

It took a total of 3 hours off and on knitting, which is very fast when you're chasing a kid around getting ready for Halloween. Surprisingly the ribbing went faster than I expected it to be. 

Completely customizable too, you can add additional pattern repeats to make it longer or shorter depending on the size of your noggin. 

I added two more pattern repeats before casting off. 

The yarn I picked was the ever trusting Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. This stuff is a workhorse yarn that stands the test of time. I freaking love it! It's not super itchy, it's squishy and WARM! 

To match my new hat was some cozy chunky lined mittens.

I used a basic pattern and then outlined them on paper to cut some flannel to line them. It was simple enough, although the fabric has bunched a bit at the finger tips. I can live with it now that it's sewn into the mittens! 

So far I really like this set, it blocked well and so far with the snow and cold we've had its been keeping me very warm!

Until then, keep stitching!